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    The TopoMapCreator consists of of 5 Programs: MapCreator, GeoToolsCmd, TopoMap, EcwToMobile and ExtendedMapCreator.
    More information for example about how to install it, you find under TopoMapCreator.
    Now read, what the 5 Programs are doing:

    1. ExtendedMapCreator
    ExtendedMapCreator is a Desktop-Program, that creates “Topographic Maps” from OSM, NASA and ESA. You simply define a map extent by dragging over a browsable word map, click on start and wait till the GeoTIFF, ECW, GALILEO, ORUXMAPS or NAVIMAP files got created. ExtendedMapCreator is based on the Mapnik-Renderer, nevertheless all data downloading and processing is fully automatic.
    Click on ExtendedMapCreator to read more about the Program!

    2. MapCreator
    MapCreator is a GIS toolset. The tools have the common goal to create Topographic Maps. Currently it consists of 10 tools:
    The GeoreferencingTool georeferences scanned map series.
    The EcwHillshaderTool adds hillshades to a map.
    The SrtmHillshadesTool creates hillshades.
    The EcwToMobileTool converts a map to a Smartphone App Format.
    The GeonamesToShapeTool creates a shapefile from a GeoNames file.
    The ShapeToOsmTool creates an OSM file from shapefiles.
    The WarpEcwTool warps (reprojects) huge maps.
    The RussianMapsCreatorTool downloads and processes Russian maps.
    The QgisToEcwTool makes a Print-Screen of a qGis view.
    The USGSTopoMapTool downloads and processes USGS maps.
    3. GeoToolsCmd
    GeoToolsCmd provides the same GIS toolset as the MapCreator, but accessible over the Command-Prompt. With GeoToolsCmd it is possible to write batch files.

    4. TopoMap
    TopoMap is simple Desktop-Program to download specific Maps.

    5. EcwToMobile
    EcwToMobile is a simple Desktop-Program to convert an ECW file to a Mobile App Format. The program is redundant to the EcwToMobileTool.


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