Java Graticule 3D (JAG3D)

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    Software open source untuk penyesuaian jaringan Geodetik

    Java Graticule 3D (JAG3D) is an Open Source geodetic network adjustment package, licensed unter the terms of the GNU-GPL v3. JAG3D allows for combining hybrid terrestrial observations like levelling, directions, distances or vertical angles.

    Furthermore, observations of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) are supported as relative baselines between the points. All observations can be combined during a single adjustment process e.g. levelling as well as polar observations. Depending on the requirements, the network dimension can be 1D, 2D and 3D. The software does not internally separate spatial observations into 1D and 2D parts.

    JAG3D provides a clear and easy to use graphic user interface. Import, administration, and analysing can be carried out at this user interface. Sortable tables support the user to localise weaknesses of the network like outliers. JAG3D estimates the coordinates of the network points as well as additional parameters like deflections of the vertical, orientations, scales or GNSS integration parameters. The estimation process is formulated as Gauß-Markov model. Three network designs are supported: the free network, the dynamic network, and the hierarchic network.

    Including the observations of two epochs, JAG3D can carry out a congruence analysis. Using the universal statistic tool box of Baarda’s data snooping, the reference points are checked for stability. Having a stable reference point frame, further deformation parameters like single point displacements or shift and strain parameters of a sub network can be estimated and analysed.

    High performance algorithms and sparse techniques are used to solve the system of equations. JAG3D is written in the platform-independent programming language Java and, therefore, the software is runnable at each platform and operation system that provides Oracle’s java runtime environment. JAG3D is portable – no need to install or uninstall. Just download, unpack and run.

    download :

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