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    lordi awesome

    ILWIS (The Integrated Land and Water Information System) is a Windows-based, integrated GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) open source software supporting:

    Visualization of raster, vector and tabular data
    Interactive retrieval of attribute information associated with spatial data
    Manipulation of raster, vector and tabular data
    Implementing/developing algorithms for air/space borne image data processing
    GIS analytical tools
    Modeling dynamic spatial systems behaviors using modeler tools
    3D analysis of spatial temporal events using space-time-cube’ tools
    Calculations on raster and tabular data using Python command lines
    Direct access to spatial and tabular data of any format (via connectors)
    Using remote server via WPS-ILWIS Bridge
    Multitask operations
    Educational platform for teaching GIS and RS
    Python script language for automation of repetitive procedures


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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