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    Version 5.0 of the River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) is now available. This Version supersedes Version 4.1, and all previous versions. Several new simulation features have been added to the software since that time. Version 5.0 of HEC-RAS includes the following new features:

    Two-dimensional and combined one- and two-dimensional Unsteady Flow Modeling
    New HEC-RAS Mapper capabilities and enhancements
    Automated Manning’s n value calibration for one-dimensional Unsteady Flow
    Simplified Physical Breaching algorithm for Dam and Levees
    Breach Width and development time calculator
    New Hydraulic outlet features for Inline Structures
    Sediment Transport Modeling Enhancements: Including Reservoir flushing and sluicing, as well as channel stability using BSTEM integrated within HEC-RAS
    Water Quality Modeling Enhancements
    Completely new two-dimensional User’s Manual
    Several new example applications within the Applications Guide
    Updates to User’s Manual, Hydraulic Reference Manual, Applications Guide, and Help System



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