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    The OpenGeo Suite combines the power of open source plus the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor behind a full stack of software. It delivers functionality and flexibility for enterprises large and small.

    update :

    Support for GeoMesa, an open-source system leveraging GeoServer on top of Apache Accumulo that quickly stores, indexes, and queries hundreds of billions of geospatial features in a distributed, secure, bigtable database. Organizations with spatial data challenges beyond what traditional RDBMS solutions can handle now have additional data management options available.
    WPS Builder, a new web-based UI for configuring, executing and chaining WPS processes in GeoServer. Users less familiar with the traditional methods of crafting and executing WPS requests now have a visual utility to assist with executing their processes.
    Further enhancements to OpenGeo Suite Composer, which allows anyone to build and style maps by making it easier to add data to GeoServer, style layers, and publish to the Web. Numerous updates to editing, user interface, and overall user experience improvements are available to all OpenGeo Suite Enterprise customers
    A new GeoServer extension for AWS CloudWatch, enabling GeoServer instances to be automatically scaled up and down in AWS environments based on service requests, errors, and response times
    Numerous updates to included packages, Mac support, and support for Java 8
    Numerous updates and bug fixes to all components to improve stability and reliability across the entire software stack

    download :

    or on their official sites :

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