Pitney Bowes Business Insight Releasing MapInfo Crime Profiler

crime profiler

Pitney Bowes Business Insight today announced MapInfo(R) Crime Profiler(TM), a flexible solution for real-time identification and analysis of crime patterns and trends. Armed with this intelligence, law enforcement agencies can more effectively deploy resources and assist detectives in identifying and apprehending suspects.

A new module for Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s MapInfo Professional(R)v10.5, MapInfo Crime Profiler solution is accessible from the software’s main menu bar and provides the user with a wide range of crime analysis tools. Its core functions include hotspot analysis, interactive analytical investigation and temporal analysis. The solution’s highly visual and interactive charting and graphing capabilities enable law enforcement agencies to clearly map and analyze crime patterns in order to make more informed crime analysis and enforcement decisions.

Crime Profiler solution automates much of the statistical legwork behind crime analysis with new data combinations and overlays, and advanced visualization capabilities and analysis techniques, allowing agencies to efficiently evaluate operations and formulate crime prevention strategies. For example, law enforcement organizations can locate crime hot spots and uncover fraudulent activity clustered around a specific location, such as connected residences, non-existent business addresses and altered ATMs.

Features and Capabilities of MapInfo Crime Profiler

MapInfo Crime Profiler provides a single, ready-to-use solution for applying common operations and toolkits to enable investigative or research–based crime analysis. It offers a number of features designed to improve the way crime analysis data is analyzed and presented across a police agency, including:

— Immediate Access to Data–With MapInfo Crime Profiler solution, users can select and work with subsets of specific crime data, by series, type, time, locale or other characteristics and then perform real-time “what-if” analysis on the data.

— Ease of Use–Easy to use and interactive hotspot map creations in MapInfo Crime Profiler solution instantly sees how different settings can change the representation of the data.

— Dynamic Mapping–Mapping functionality allows users to work with map data in a wide variety of formats and types, including aerial photography, street maps, demographics and segmentation maps.

— Visualization and Analysis–Ability to pinpoint proximity analysis of crimes to known offenders or risk factors and define force boundaries such as beats and patrol areas.

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