ArcGIS Service Pack 2, And other ESRI Product Updates

on Date 07-09-2010

ESRI announce latest service pack for ArcGIS 9.3.1 , service pack 2. Sume bugs fixing already listed, for example :

# NIM013082 – FIND dialog can be very slow to open when map server layer contains many sub-layers.
# NIM014000 – Converting EMF picture marker symbols to representations may result in unexpected jaggedness of outlines and missing interior fill elements.
# NIM031270 – Selecting cartographic representation with the cartographic representation select tool is significantly slower than selecting with the editor tool and the selection tool.
# NIM035918 – Draped polygon in ArcGlobe disappears when viewed at certain angles.
# NIM036834 – If you have an exception that has a dirty area crossing it and validate the topology the exception becomes an error.
# NIM036917 – AddJoin is ignoring the qualifiedFieldNames environment at 9.3.
# NIM037043 – When a feature is selected, and a reference scale is used, the selected point feature ignores the reference scale.
# NIM038887 – Stack overflow error can generate crash for data with Bezier curves symbolized with Representations.
# NIM039914 – If a data frame contains one or more polygon layers symbolized with bar graphs, no attributes are included in the PDF export, even with the export option ‘Export PDF Layers and Feature Attributes’ selected.
# NIM041239 – Stopping the trace tool at the beginning of a true curve adds a circle to the sketch.
# NIM041880 – In some cases select by attributes from joined field selects many incorrect records.
# NIM042869 – Using Near tool with default search tolerance gets incorrect results, as not all input features can find the distance to the near feature.
# NIM043178 – ArcMap crashes when reconciling and memory increases to almost 2GB (virtual bytes).
# NIM043879 – Security vulnerabilities reported for Microsoft Visual Basic 6 files that get installed with ArcGIS Desktop.
# NIM045617 – Character marker symbols chosen from some custom true type fonts change when previewed and saved as a map service definitions and viewed.
# NIM045668 – Vector features at high elevations disappear when viewed from certain angles, particularly from below.
# NIM046125 – CopyRaster tool truncates long raster dataset name if output is SQL Server geodatabase.
# NIM046520 – Joining records to a historically versioned feature class produces incorrect results when the “Keep only ‘matching records’ option is enabled.
# NIM046840 – Using spatial join GP tool with feature classes having Z-values enabled, results in an empty output feature class in SDE.
# NIM046854 – Exported Map Georeference information is sometimes missing in the corners of the data frame in the PDF when the data frame is rotated in ArcMap. Negative data frame rotation will always trigger the problem, but certain positive rotation values can also cause it.
# NIM047044 – Geoprocessing Tools should produce warning messages and create empty output.
# NIM047109 – Spatial join in SDE geodatabase does not return any rows.
# NIM047273 – Graphics in a 9.3 or 9.3.1 map document are enlarged when saving the MXD as a copy for 9.0/9.1 versions of ArcMap.
# NIM047424 – Donut geometric effect will fail to draw all polygon parts when Method is set to True Buffer.
# NIM047606 – The Java PointPluginDataSource sample will cause ArcMap to hang and become unresponsive if two plugin datasource layers are added from the same directory sequentially (i.e. one after another rather than in one add-data operation). After adding the two layers try using the Identify tool or jsut panning around thne map, Arcmap will hang and not respond.
# NIM048174 – Reconciling an edited attributed relationship table, in favor of edit version, fails with error message when related feature has been deleted in the target version.
# NIM049865 – XY Event needs to set better xyresolution & xytolerance on the resulting layer.
# NIM050036 – NITF version 2.1 rasters do not display if load to an unmanaged raster catalog.
# NIM050124 – Intersecting Layers Mask GP tool fails to produce proper masking polygons in 9.3.1.
# NIM050231 – SQL Server Express geodatabase locks are not consistently dropped preventing Detach.
# NIM050883 – When adding ArcGIS Server map services into ArcMap from ArcGIS Online from a Services Directory page, the background color is not automatically made transparent by default.
# NIM051102 – Intersecting Layers Mask tool crashes on polygons defined in a counter-clockwise manner.
# NIM051159 – Update the error message for cases where a gdb release mismatch occurs during connection to a geodatabase.
# NIM051187 – Importing symbology using the .lyr file with broken data source results in error, “The import geometry type does not match destination geometry type”, although the geometry type is appropriate.
# NIM051261 – IComplexEdgeFeature.JunctionFeature raises error in OnChange event when Edge-Edge rule exits.
# NIM051339 – Conversion of character markers into representation markers results in the TOC display of the marker at 75-80% of expected size.
# NIM051504 – If the map has a background color set, the cache generated on demand does not honor it and is not set correctly in the tiles generated. The result is inconsistent transparency behavior when previewing these cached services.
# NIM051919 – NITF images with graphic layers created in ERDAS Imagine are not displaying properly in 9.3.1.
# NIM052223 – Reconciling certain versions crashes ArcMap.
# NIM052264 – Feature Outline Masks tool crashes when running against lines or polygons symbolized without representations.
# NIM052265 – Converting EMF picture markers to representations will result in the representation marker having the correct geometries, but unexpectedly large symbol widths.
# NIM052349 – Joined attributes are no longer visible in the Identify window if one of the layers is using Representations.
# NIM052365 – Relationship classes created between double data types in a File Geodatabase return inconsistent results when performing queries.
# NIM052587 – Representation class name information lost when changing versions from Default to “child” version.
# NIM053074 – Network Analyst needs to support setting AttributeParameterValues on a Solver not yet bound to a network dataset.
# NIM053126 – When using the Network Analyst ArcObjects API, if INAServiceAreaSolver.CreateContext is called, the ImpedanceAttributeName property on the Solver is reset.
# NIM053235 – Calling the attributes property on the geoprocessing describe object for the network dataset causes a crash if the network dataset does not support turns.
# NIM053271 – ArcGIS Globe Memory Leakage when adding graphics. Memory never releases.
# NIM053713 – ArcMap crashes when reconciling one particular version with SDE.DEFAULT due to exhausted memory.
# NIM053775 – Some of the ESRI provided fonts may fail to draw halos or export to some vector formats.
# NIM053819 – A folder connection to an ArcIMS Server connection file does not display in ArcCatalog or ArcMap.
# NIM054059 – There is an ability to insert a vertex in an editing session when the scale difference between Data View and Viewer window is high.
# NIM054061 – Changing the data source of layer draw with a representation from an SDE connection as data owner to an SDE connection as non-data owner results in an unknown representation listed in the Table of Contents.
# NIM054225 – Adding mole graphics to ArcGlobe and then refreshing or panning in/zooming repeatedly causes a memory leak that crashes ArcGlobe.

and more more more…….

you can read complete issue HERE

of course, beside ArcGIS , ESRI also update some of their product, which are ArcIMS 9.3.1, ArcSDE 9.3.1 and PLTS for ArcGIS 9.3.1 Defense

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