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Encom Technology is a company whose primary interests are the development, support, and consultation of software products that are aimed at the mining and exploration of natural resources industries. Products include Encom Discover and Encom Engage, which are the major plugins for MapInfo Professional, as well as the geophysical packages Encom PA (Profile Analyst) and Encom ModelVision.

The latest Encom Plugin are :

1. Encom Discover 12,


Mainly is for geoscientific analyst. adding bunch of function to existing Mapinfo Product. and now discover has reach version 12, which have many improvement :
a. Support for latest Mapinfo 10.5
b. Free Discover 3d Viewer Included (viewing 3d data)
c. Simplified Installation (Discover and Discover3D now in single installation)
d. Import support for ECW , BIL and ERMapper grid data

you can see all full changelog at :

Download full change log for discover 12

2. Discover3D 6.0


Include in Discover 12 installation but need special license to work, separate from Discover 12. its generally 3D plugin for Discover and have many function.
In their latest version , which is version 6. encom adding many enhancement, such as :

a. simplified installation (discover and discover 3d in one installation)
b. D3D Viewer, you can share your 3D session with all Discover user
c. Trenches/Costeans in 3D, Migrate your 2D trenches and costeans in 3d data
d. 3d session, now every time you have set, encom discover 3d will autosave data, prevent data lost
e. seismic section adding visualisation of SEGY seismic time and depth profile
f. etc

you can read full of change log here :

Changelog for Discover3D 6.0

3. Encom Engage

encom engage adding much function for maintaining mapinfo data, Topology clean up, real-time workspace control, image rubber sheeting, batch table operations and numerous other tools combine to make Engage the must have productivity boost for MapInfo Professional. In addition, explore your data in an advanced, interactive graphical environment to uncover trends and relationships not seen in simple data views.

Encom engage consist 3 product, from engage, engage3D and the latest is engage 3D Pro. the last product (engage3d Pro) have the complete function, and engage product have fewest function.

you can see the comparation between those three product , below :

Comparation Between Engage, Engage3D and Engage 3D Pro

thats all , the most popular encom product, but besides that, encom also have many other product, such as :

A. The Compass suite

The Compass Suite of products deliver data management systems suitable for an individual through to a global enterprise, each utilising spatial searching capabilities.

Organisations with spatial data management requirements will benefit from implementing a Compass system by:

* significantly reducing data search and preparation times
* almost completely eliminating training requirements for new users
* radically reducing time required to prepare data for export to field workers, external contractors or joint venture partners
* avoiding the loss of valuable data

Compass systems can be utilised by an entire organisation’s staff regardless of discipline.
Compared to using disparate systems that do not integrate spatial information, this results in significant cost savings and improved productivity.

B. Encom Geophysics

provide wide range of geophysics addon for mapinfo :
– Encom Pa , Geophysical, geological, geochemical, remote sensing, GIS project collaboration, visualisation and analysis.
– Encom Magnetics and Gravity, Software tools specifically designed for magnetic and gravity interpretation. (Encom Modelvision, Encom Automag, Encom Quickmag)
– Encom emtools , Simple presentation of your EM data is not sufficient. If you want to understand the electrical properties of the subsurface, then you will need one or more of our EM Tools ( Encom EM Flow, and Encom EM1DFM

as usual , you can download the trial of encom software at below :


and fro education ONLY, you can download latest full version encom below :


enjoy , hehehehehe

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