ET Geowizard 9.9

ET GeoWizards is a set of powerful functions that will help the ArcGIS users to manipulate data with ease. It enables the ArcGIS users with ArcView licenses to perform some data processing tasks standardly possible only in ArcEditor and ArcInfo. The surface functions make possible to do 3D analysis in ArcMap with no need of 3D Analyst.

The main target of the software are the ArcView license holders, but it will be an asset for everyone using ArcEditor and even ArcInfo

The functionality of ET GeoWizards is available in three different ways

* Via the user friendly wizard type interface
* Via user scripts written in the ArcGIS VBA environment or any language that supports COM.
* Via a set of tools for ArcToolbox (ArcGIS 9.0 or above) which can be used in the Model Builder, at Command Line or in Python. Java or VB scripts

With more than 110 functions available via the interface, 100 geoprocessing tools and and more than 100 functions for use in COM applications, ET GeoWizards gives the ArcGIS users a lot of power in analyzing and modifying their spatial data.

The software includes many free functions that can be used (with no limitations at all) without registering the software. See Free functions of ET GeoWizards for a list.

For the registered users there are no restrictions for the powerful data cleaning, topology building, surface creating and analyzing functions.



DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION (v.9.9 for arcgis 9.0/9.1)

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