atlas styler

AtlasStyler is a user-friendly application to style geodata. The resulting styles can be saved to XML files that follow the OGC SLD/SE standard 1.0.

The created SLD files are compatible with GeoServer, uDig, Geotools-based applications and all other programs that use the OGC SLD standard.

The application provides a multiplicity of intuitive dialogs that allow to create style productively – without dealing with any XML. You can apply abstract classifications like unique values, colored quantiles or equal distance; additionally you have integrated access to an online symbol-database. You can create and save symbols in the SymbolEditor and reuse you symbols in classifications or other projects.

The AtlasStyler is a “stand-alone” application, that can be used independently for any vector data. At the moment only ESRI Shapefiles are supported. If you have a need for styling OGC WFS, PostGIS or GML directly,