Free Aero-Triangulation System software

Software for triangulation, made by USGS for free, this is UNIX based system and using command line interface to work. file description in download page are :

File Descriptions:

1) AT_SYS321.tar

This tar file contains version 3.2.1 of the National Mapping Division Aero- triangulation (AT) software. The AT system is a collection of Fortran and C programs, UNIX shell scripts, and text files used to perform image coordinate refinement, block adjustment, statistical reporting, and plotting. The AT system has been developed on the Data General AViiON UNIX-based platform. Complete system dependencies and installation information can be found in the (Postscript version) document.

2) AT_SYS321_documentation.tar

This tar file contains the AT system User’s Manual in Postscript format. The User’s Manual describes the operation of the AT system, system requirements, input format requirements, etc. The guide contains screen-dumps of all the primary menus in the AT system with descriptions of each button, from the users’ perspective.

3) AT_SYS321_source.tar

This tar file contains all the source code for the AT system.

4) coordat_source.tar and lookup_tables.tar

The AT system employs a robust coordinate conversion utility developed by the National Mapping Division called COORDAT. The two tar files included here contain the source code for COORDAT and the required lookup tables necessary to perform coordinate conversions and datum transformations.

Retrieving files:

When using ftp to retrieve the AT system software and documentation, it is recommended that BINARY mode be used. There have been instances of files being corrupted during the transfer when the default ASCII mode is used.

File format information:

All files were created using the UNIX tar command. To unpack the files, use tar with the “xvof” options.

x – extract files
v – verbose (file names will echo to screen as they are unpacked)
o – the group and owner permissions will be set to the user extracting the files
f – file option – causes tar to unpack a file, instead of using a device such as /dev/rmt/0

example: tar xvof .tar

The documentation files contain no subdirectories and should be unpacked in the directory they will reside. The AT system software should be unpacked in a directory named “at_sys” which the user can create at any level on their operating platform (the higher the level, the better – to reduce the length of path names). There are several subdirectories, which are described in section 3.2.1 of the system users’ manual.

Viewing and printing Postscript files:

Postscript is a common format that preserves diagrams embedded in documents. There are several public domain software utilities that run on the UNIX platform that can be used to view Postscript files. Two examples are Ghostview, and Ghostscript. Ghostscript has a menu interface that is fairly easy to use.

To get a hardcopy of Postscript files on a UNIX machine, use the “lp” command. eg:

lp .ps

NOTE concerning future releases of the AT System:

Since the USGS cannot provide support for the AT system, there is no mechanism for publicizing new releases of the software. Users are encouraged to recheck the ftp anonymous drop site periodically as new releases will be placed there as they are available.



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