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    lordi awesome

    Software Penginderaan Jauh dan vektor yang lengkap serta open source

    dari situsnya :

    ILWIS Open 3.8 integrates image, vector and thematic data in one unique and powerful desktop package. It delivers a wide range of features including import/export, digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data, as well as production of quality maps.

    Key features:

    Integrated raster and vector design
    Import and export of widely used data formats
    On-screen digitizing
    Comprehensive set of image processing tools
    Orthophoto, image georeferencing, transformation and mosaicing
    Advanced modeling and spatial data analysis
    3D visualization
    Animation framework (with optional 3D)
    Auto resampling of different spatial geometries
    Extensive tool set for visual analysis
    Rich projection and coordinate system library
    Geo-statisitical analyses, with Kriging for improved interpolation
    Production and visualization of stereo image pairs
    Spatial Multiple Criteria Evaluation
    Web Mapping Service (WMS)
    Web Processing Service (WPS)
    Hydrological modelling
    Surface Energy Balances

    versi terakhir :


    changelog :


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